Green Money: Understanding sustainable finance for teens

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In a world where climate change is a hot topic, you might have heard the term ‘sustainable finance’. But what exactly does it mean, and how does it affect you? Let’s break it down in simple terms so you can be a money-savvy, planet-loving teen!

What is sustainable finance?
1. Green investments

Sustainable finance involves putting your money into companies and projects that are kind to the planet. These could be businesses that use renewable energy, create eco-friendly products, or work towards reducing pollution. By supporting these companies, you’re basically saying, “Go, Eco-friendly superheroes!”

2. Eco-Friendly savings

Even where you save your money can make a difference. Some banks invest in environmentally friendly projects, like building wind farms or planting trees. So, when you keep your money in these banks, you’re indirectly supporting these green initiatives.

3. Socially responsible spending

Picture this: You have the power to choose what products to buy. Sustainable finance encourages you to pick items from companies that care about the environment and treat their workers well. It’s like voting with your wallet for a cleaner, fairer world.

Why should you care?
1. Saving the planet

Your generation is the future, and the Earth needs some serious TLC. By making environmentally friendly financial choices, you’re playing a part in saving the planet for yourself and generations to come.

2. Making a difference

Your money is more powerful than you think! By supporting companies that are committed to sustainability, you’re influencing them to do better. It’s like saying, “I believe in a greener, cleaner future, and so should you!”

3. Personal finance superpowers

Sustainable finance isn’t just about saving the planet; it’s also about being smart with your money. By understanding where your money goes, you’re developing financial superpowers that will serve you well as you grow older. In a recent study, PWC found that 60% of Middle Eastern consumers care about sustainability and think they are eco-friendly!


Sustainable finance is like giving Mother Earth a helping hand while making sure your money is doing good things. Whether it’s choosing green investments, banking with eco-friendly institutions, or supporting socially responsible companies, you have the power to make a positive impact. It’s not just about riyals and halalas; it’s about creating a world where your money jar and the planet can thrive together!

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