A family payment app with a focus on saving, investing, & learning!

Mock up image that shows the learning aspect of the FataFeat app. The question asked is: What is round-up savings?
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We believe it is never too early to start learning

FataFeat is focused on helping families and young adults with learning how to build equity, gain financial literacy, invest, manage funds, and save money. FataFeat will also include a financial literacy educational component for teens and adults. We want to help parents empower their kids to develop their financial capabilities.

What is FataFeat?

FataFeat means breadcrumbs in Arabic. The word takes us back to when as kids we would save whatever amount of pocket money and change we had to buy things for ourselves.

FataFeat also reminds us of the proverb: save one penny after another and you will end up with a goldmine.

With this in mind, we want to make it easier for you to set achievable goals, keep track of these goals, and most importantly build for a better and financially secure future – no matter your age.

We are committed to making it fun and interactive for the whole family!

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FataFeat has graduated from the “Fintech Seed Virtual Accelerator Program” by Fintech Saudi of SAMA

Why choose FataFeat?

FataFeat provides a full suite of Shariahcompliant financial services, which are made for kids but also are loved by all family members.

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Our platform aims to help you gain financial literacy and have the ability to manage your financial goals.

We’ll teach you the basics and fundamentals of saving, budgeting, and much more!

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Young Adults

We want to make it easier for you to learn and stay on top of your finances.

It is essential to us that you focus on what is important to you and we want to make it stress-free.

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Parents and Families

Feel confident in knowing how your child is spending and saving their money.

We’ll provide the whole family with the resources & tools to learn and grow together.

Empowering you to build your wealth.

See how you spend your money.

Learn how to save.

FataFeat is your Virtual Piggybank (حصالة).


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