How to write a check

An image in which the man writes a check.

Within Saudi Arabia, quite a few banking institutes offer their customers a checkbook when they first open their accounts. Here is how you’ll write a check:

A diagram of the check that is explained below.
  1. The bank’s information or your personal banking information.
  2. This is where you write out the amount owed in text. For example, ‘One hundred and twenty Riyals and 10 Halalas’.
  3. This is your bank account number for the amount that will be withdrawn.
  4. Write the number amount you are giving. Include a decimal point and 00 if the amount is in whole. For example, SR 120.00 or SR 120.10
  5. This space is where you put your signature.
  6. A unique set of numbers that refer to the individual check.
  7. Here you can write out exactly what this specific check is for. For example, ‘For phone bill’. This space is reserved for you to write a memo (also called the ‘For’ line) and is optional.
  8. In this space, you can write the remainder of the amount in words or leave the space blank.

Writing a check is a great way of keeping track of the money in your current account as banks can provide you with a carbon copy checkbook that copies what you wrote in the original check. Alternatively, you can keep a record of the checks that have been issued and note down the date the specific check was issued, the check number, the amount, and to whom you gave the check.

You might not always need to provide a merchant with a check, but in case you do now you know how to fill out the check.

Here are some additional tips:

Use a pen when writing a check and place your checkbook in a secure location where it cannot be stolen or misused.

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