Nurturing financial wisdom: Answering kids’ top money questions

a father and his daughter having a conversation

In a world where financial literacy is more critical than ever, empowering the next generation with essential money skills is a responsibility that falls on the shoulders of parents. As children grow and start to navigate the complexities of the financial world, their curiosity about money often leads to a multitude of questions. To assist parents in fostering financial wisdom in their kids, FataFeat is here to provide comprehensive answers to the top questions kids commonly ask about money.

1. “Where does money come from?”

Understanding the origin of money is crucial to building a strong financial foundation. This is a great introduction for kids to understand the value of money and how Mama and Baba work hard everyday to provide for their family.

2. “Why can’t we just use a credit card for everything?”

In an era of digital transactions, kids may wonder why physical money isn’t already obsolete. This question allows parents to have a good discussion about using credit cards in a financially sustainable way. Explain to your kids what a credit card is used for, and that it is essentially a loan and is one that has be repaid otherwise there are consquences with banks.

3. “How do people make money?”

People make money in many ways, of course stressing on the halal ways to make a living when explaining to kids is important! This is a great opportunity to teach your children what you do everyday! Having an open conversation is one way to encourage your kids to be curious and know that they can ask their parents anything.

4. “What is the difference between saving and investing?”

Understanding the distinction between saving and investing is a fundamental aspect of financial literacy. Savings builds a financial safety net, while investing has the potential to grow wealth over time, providing children with a solid foundation for making informed financial decisions.

5. “Why can’t we just buy everything we want?”

Impulse control and delayed gratification are vital lessons for children. FataFeat will offer interactive tools that help visualize the value of moeny, the concept of budgeting, and the satisfaction that comes from setting and achieving financial goals.

6. “What happens if you don’t pay bills on time?”

Understanding the consequences of late payments is crucial for financial well-being. Through our blog, FataFeat educated young Saudis ont he importance of tiemly bill payments, the impact on credit scores, and the responsibilities that come with financial obligations.

7. “Why can’t we have everything our friends have?”

Comparing oneself to others is a common behavior, especially among children. Teaching kids to be grateful for what they have is an important life skill, and one that we all need as a reminder every now and then.

FataFeat will be encouraging positive and responsible financial decision-making.


By addressing these fundamental questions with the help of FataFeat, parents can equip their children with the knowledge and skills necessary to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.

Investing in financial literacy today ensures a brighter, more empowered future for the next generation. Follow us for updates on our upcoming app, FataFeat. We aim to empower young Saudis and families to embark on their money management journey that will shape their lives in a positive way.

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