Protecting your digital banking information

Image shows the risks hackers accessing your digital and online banking information

As much of our lives are now online it’s no shock that most financial dealings and transactions are digital too. From e-commerce purchases to personal banking, we are conducting more and more of our transactions online. It is all the more important to be vigilant about how you can protect your information. All this digital activity makes us vulnerable to savvy hackers. They try to access our data and information for nefarious purposes.

It is safe to say that most kids are online now from a young age. Thus, it is important to teach them appropriate digital habits that keep them and their information safe. Teaching online privacy is a must in this digital age and should begin early.

Obviously, as your kids get older, it’s difficult to monitor what they’re exposed to online. Continue to keep them updated on the latest hacker schemes. Remind them to be wary of clicking on links sent via direct message, text, or email.

If you store your credit card details on websites such as Amazon or on platforms such as PlayStation, be careful. Companies often get hacked and hackers attempt to steal valuable information such as your personal information and credit card details. Your kids no matter their age should be reminded to never share passwords or repeat passwords, especially for important accounts.

It is a great reminder that purchases made online (on a website or game) use real money. Whether you use your mada or credit card, ultimately, the money comes out of your bank account. Thus, it is extremely important to also be aware and careful of which websites and apps you or your child enter credit card information into.

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