What is our goal behind creating FataFeat?

This image illustrates how we came up with the goals for FataFeat. The image shows a woman putting up ideas on a board.

At FataFeat, our goal is to provide families and young adults with the necessary skills to better manage their money. We are driven to educate and prepare the youth to have the know-how to reach their financial goals. Many of us learn this skill later in life and wish we had the tools to do so much earlier. We recognize that understanding key concepts will set you up for success.

Our goal and aim are to make learning the basics and foundational concepts of financial literacy fun and easy for all ages through the FataFeat app. Whether you are truly learning from scratch or need a quick refresh, we have you covered. Thus, the quick lessons that are provided for varied learning groups are designed to be engaging and achievable. We at FataFeat want you to learn at your own pace but also remain curious about building wealth. We aim to make it interactive for the whole family!

The team at FataFeat knows that these will act as building blocks. Equally important, we want FataFeat to be accessible to everyone. Our pricing model has been tiered to ensure that our app is affordable to everyone. The family payment app has been created for teens, young adults, and parents. It will be a great conversation starter for the entire family.

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