What is the Smart Investor program?

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The Saudi Capital Market Authority (also called the CMA) launched the Smart Investor program more than 10 years ago. They recognized that it was important to encourage young kids aged 9 to 14 to learn about money management skills. Promoting a culture of smart finances and financial choices is a big part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030!

This program has been a staple in the Kingdom during the Global Money Week which takes place every year. The Smart Investor program was created back in 2012!

So, what does the program do?
  • The program has a magazine, and a website, hosts events, and also plans fun activities to engage with kids and spread the positive lessons of money management.
  • Teaches kids how to budget and plan!
  • Spreads awareness on money management skills, savings, and Islamic values towards money.
  • The purpose is to create fun activities that teach kids and teens how to be smart with money, so they grow up knowing how to handle finances well.
  • The goal is to prepare kids and teens to begin to think about financial concepts.

We think this initiative is really great and clearly, it has been really popular since it has continued year after year.







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