Kid’s Guide: Asking your parents for an allowance

a young boy thinking and holding a wallet full of riyals

Have you ever wanted to have a little extra cash to buy that awesome toy or treat yourself to some ice cream? Well, guess what? You can ask your parents for an allowance! But don’t worry, we’re here to help you through it with this super-duper guide.

Step 1: Pick the right time

Choosing the right time to talk to your parents is super important. Don’t catch them in the middle of a busy day or when they’re stressed out. Wait for a calm moment, like after dinner or during a weekend afternoon when everyone is relaxed.

Step 2: Be polite and respectful

When you’re ready to ask, be sure to use your best manners.

Start with a friendly “Hi, Mama and Baba” and let them know you appreciate everything they do for you. Being polite and respectful shows them that you’re responsible and ready for a little extra responsibility.

Step 3: Explain why you want an allowance

Your parents might be wondering why you want an allowance, so be ready to tell them! Maybe you want to save up for a special toy, treat your friends to a snack, or learn about managing money. Whatever your reason, let them know it’s important to you.

Step 4: Show responsibility

Parents love it when kids show responsibility. You can impress them by talking about how you plan to use your allowance wisely. Maybe you want to save a part of it, spend a part of it, and maybe even share a little with charity. This will show them that you’re not just asking for money but that you’re ready to handle it responsibly.

Step 5: Be open to discussion

Remember, this is a conversation. Your parents might have some questions or concerns, and it’s important to listen. If they have conditions or rules for your allowance, be open to discussing them. It’s all about finding a balance that works for everyone.

Step 6: Thank them, no matter what!

Whether they say “yes” right away or want to think about it, always thank your parents for taking the time to talk with you. Showing gratitude is a big part of being responsible with money.


So, there you have it, young money maestros! Asking for an allowance is all about being polite, responsible, and having a good conversation with your parents. Remember, they want what’s best for you, and discussing an allowance is a great way to learn about managing money. Good luck, and happy saving!

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