History lesson: Money

Money is like a special token that people use to trade for things they want. It’s a way to show how much something is worth and makes it easier to exchange items. Just like you might use marbles or stickers to swap with your friends, grown-ups use money to trade for toys, food, and other things they need.

A quick history

Long ago, people didn’t have money like we do now. They used to trade things directly. But this became tricky when they wanted something that the other person didn’t have. So, they started using special things like shells, feathers, or shiny rocks as a way to show how much something was worth. Later on, people made coins out of metals, like gold and silver, with pictures on them to represent their value.

Over time, paper money was invented, which is like a promise that you can trade it for something valuable. Nowadays, we use coins, paper bills, and even digital numbers on a computer screen as money to buy things we want!

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