Top 5 budget-friendly activities you and your friends can do in KSA

This image shows the historic site of Al Balad in Jeddah. This is one of the many budget friendly activities you and your friend can do together.

If you are monitoring your spending and want to make new memories with your friends, we’ll provide a few fun things you all can do together:

Free activities

Visit an art gallery

There are many art galleries that you can explore. Oftentimes, most are free and you and your friends will be able to engage with different perspectives, cultures, and expressions. Often through art, we are able to understand others without words. If you’re looking for an activity, then visiting the Misk Art Institute is a great option.

Discover historical sites

Be it the historical district in Jeddah or the Masmak Palace in Riyadh, you can immerse yourself in the wonders and take a step into the past. These sites often have minimal entry fees and provide an educational and captivating experience for history enthusiasts and casual visitors alike!

Have a picnic in a public park

Take a look at the public parks that your city has to offer! You and your friends can spend a few hours at a park like the Prince Saud Bin Jalawi Park in Al Khobar and take food with you and have a picnic!

Hiking in national parks

Saudi Arabia is home to several national parks, offering a variety of hiking trails suitable for different skill levels. Explore the striking landscapes of Asir National Park or venture to the Al-Hada Mountain for breathtaking views. Hiking is a great way to stay active, soak in nature, and it usually comes at little to no cost.

Al Ula

Under 100 riyals

Mini Golf

Why not take part in some competitive game of mini golf on the weekend? Saudi Arabia offers a bunch of mini golf venues where you and your friends can show off your golfing skills.

Visit local souks

Experience the vibrant local culture by exploring traditional souks or markets. Souq Al Zal in Riyadh and Al-Qaysariyya in Jeddah are just a couple of examples. These bustling markets are perfect for purchasing souvenirs, trying local delicacies, and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Exploring Saudi Arabia on a budget doesn’t mean compromising on experiences. From historical sites to natural wonders, the country offers a range of activities that won’t strain your wallet. Embrace the opportunity to bond with friends, discover new places, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of Saudi Arabia without breaking the bank. So, gather your friends, plan your adventures, and make the most of the budget-friendly activities that this remarkable country has to offer.

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