Picking charities to give your Zakat to!

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We think it is extremely admirable how the entire Muslim Ummah comes together during the month of Ramadan to aid the vulnerable members of our community. Although giving Zakat is a pillar of Islam, it is still extremely inspiring to see how generous Muslims are across the globe with their Zakat but also Sadaqah. They want to improve the living conditions of those in more dire situations than them.

UNHCR’s Annual Islamic Philanthropy Report in support of refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs) showed how 1,283,504 people were given support and aid in 2022. Their aim is a collaboration with Muslim nations to utilize Islamic funding for the good of humankind.

“[I]t is still extremely inspiring to see how generous Muslims are across the globe with their Zakat but also Sadaqah.”

Here is a quick refresher on how you can calculate the Zakat you need to give for the year:

Zakat base = sources of funds x [zakatable assets ÷ total assets]

If you are considering donating to charities this year, here are a few tips we’d suggest:

1. Having a specific cause in mind

If there is a specific cause you would like to support, then definitely use that as a starting point when searching for organizations. Having a category in mind will help you with researching charities both locally and internationally.

2. Local charities and groups

Look for local charities and groups that accept donations in your area. There are usually local organizations that always need support and plan to give large-scale aid to community members who are in need. Their grassroots efforts are usually extremely impactful as they often have a hands-on approach and a personal stake to better their community and members.

Image shows a box where people donate their zakat to.
3. Check government-verified organizations

Governments also provide a list of verified organizations to which you can donate. Some also take care of collecting Zakat from each Muslim within their country.

In Saudi Arabia for example, there is the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority which handles the collection of Zakat throughout the Kingdom. In addition, the government launched a platform called Ehsan through which around SR 3.22 billion were donated (as of March 2023). Nearly 5 million people (including orphans, those who are sick, and the elderly) benefited from the campaign.*

4 Research, research, research!

It is important that you do your research and if you can, visit the site and see the positive impact the donations are having in person. If you are donating to international organizations, it is important to look at their financial statements or summaries so you can see how much of the money is being allocated to the organization versus to the communities that need it. Transparency is key.

Regardless of the method of donating you choose, we hope these tips help you gain some better insight.

Please note, if you reside within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ensure that you donate to charities through the official Ehsan app and platform. You can do so by clicking here and now also through the Tawakkalna app.

*Source: https://arab.news/cuz8g

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